The Chef

I began cooking professionally in honor of my mother Lee Esther. Her passion, love, and soul went into every dish she created.  Even at a young age I loved seeing people enjoy her meals. Her food brought people joy  which also gave me a happy childhood full of warm memories. My mother began teaching me how to cook at age seven and I have not stopped since.  Not only did I name the restaurant after my mother, but a lot of my food is directly inspired by her.

I have dreamed of owning a restaurant for as long as I can remember.  After a number of years working in unfulfilling jobs I took a risk and achieved my dream of owning a restaurant.

So stop on by and celebrate my dream come true

over a hot plate of delicious food.

Michael Brignac

Owner and Chef

Phone Number

(661) 266-0000

Open Tues. – Sat.

12PM – 6:30PM